Treatment methods


Holistic Acupuncture

Based on your unique diagnosis based the pulse and  dominant color, sound, odor, emotion.

Stimulation of acupuncture points strengthens the respective organs and restores their functioning.

Draining the points helps to clean the body from viruses, stress, or pathogens like cold or dampness.


Acupressure and massage

The wisdom of healing hands collaborates with the body's innate wisdom. Combining many healing techniques like meridian therapy,   acupressure or the application of essential oils on acupuncture points depending on your unique diagnosis.  Opening up the flow in body and mind, deeply relaxing and strengthening.


Chinese Herbs and medical diet

For daily nourishment and strengthening the immune system.
Over the centuries, Chinese herbs developed from empirical science into a high-quality therapeutic system. Herbal formulas are tailored to the client allowing body and mind to be restored and preserved.

Prices: Free as support for regular treatment


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Feng Shui

 Oslo is a very healthy, natural and clean city, and most buildings are built in a wise traditional way. Yet, there can be Feng Shui discrepancies that make the inhabitants of a house or a building unwell. That is when symptoms arise just when people have moved house. Mostly Feng Shui cures are easy and simple. Sometimes not. Even then, it is good to know the reason and act the best you can.

Feng Shui consultation on location with a house blueprint costs 2000 KR

Tel: 0047 93654800

mercuty, Hermes

Neuro-Linguistic alignment is the result of NLP, helping you to optimize your health and lifestyle. Helps to acquire new skills, change your habits and achieve your goals. Through your personal growth, you become confident about generating long term health.

NLP counselling is part of holistic diagnosis and treatment.


Carla van Petersen, community nurse, Amersfoort

My demanding profession and lifestyle has led to problems like burn out, gynecological , stress and anxiety, to name a few. Holistic treatment with acupuncture and herbs has helped to solve these problems. More importantly it has inspired me to study and develop myself, and ultimately to find happiness in my life

Nina Annnet Lea, Kongsvinger

My feet were so restless, I could not touch them.
Already with the first treatment i could touch my feet.
After a couple of treatments I don*t get cramps anymore and sleep a lot better. Seen holistically, my blood circulation has been affected by alcohol and sugar addiction. This is a long  way to health for me, which i explore and share in my book

Må du drikke i dag, mamma? (Ebok)

Eva Kans, Amersfoort

I came with acupuncture with eczema
After a couple of treatments the eczema was gone.
Then it became obvious that my diet and too much sugar had something to do with it.
The treatment made it a lot easier for me to shift my diet to things that are good for me.
I like to revisit treatment from time to time, because it keeps me in balance

Gea de Boer, Amsterdam

I had hot flashes, and they were treated in a couple of months.
The year after that I was introduced to another treatment that to my horror brought back my hot flashes.
I went back to Katerina, who with her questions found out that I had a residue of heat in my body because of a radiation treatment I had 10 years ago!#
That's why you need to tell everything to your acupuncturist!