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Holistic Acupuncture

Based on your constitution. Diagnosis by pulse and tongue, and the dominant color, sound, odor, and emotion.

Stimulation of acupuncture points  strengthens the organs and restores their functioning, ex.: breathing, digestion, sleep, overall vitality.

Draining acupointrs clears viruses, stress, trauma or emotional overload.



The wisdom of healing hands collaborates with the body's innate wisdom. Combining many healing techniques like meridian therapy,   acupressure or the application of essential oils on acupuncture points depending on your unique diagnosis.  Opening up the flow in body and mind, deeply relaxing and strengthening.


Chinese Herbs and medical diet

For daily nourishment and strengthening the immune system.

The chemicals that compromise biodiversity in nature, make our gut redundant. We offer simple and delicious ways you can restore biodiversity and happiness in your body.

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 Geomancy is innate in all forms of life as being with the unified field, the universe. This dialogue with the earth is coming back in our time to solve and heal a planetary crisis at all levels starting with inside our bodies, and through our relationship to ourselves and others, our function and purpose.

Our homes reflect our relationship to nature. We can begin solving world problems like energy, pollution, and nourishment here.

mercuty, Hermes

Neuro-Linguistic alignment is a way to come into the flow of life. You might need new skills, or to change your mind set and habits. NLA offers a shortcut to healing and re-membering  yourself so you can reconnect with collective creativity and healing.


Carla van Buren, community nurse, Amersfoort

There was severe trauma at 13 years of age, that made me both strong and weak. My choice to become a nurse was to prevent and heal trauma for other people. It is a lifelong learning. Acupuncture was decisive at the time when I had no words yet. Without acupuncture, i might not be able to take my healing into my own hands

Loes Jager, financial advisor, Oslo

I was getting panic attacks when speaking in public.      I chose acupuncture because I felt it more as a physical response than a psychological problem.

Indeed my panic attacks went away within months. I felt more confident and capable of changing my family situation and pursuing my career more effectively. At challenging moments I got help from treatment to feel strong and stable emotionally.

Eva Regal, Oslo

I came to acupuncture with eczema, which was treated in a few treatments
It became obvious that too much sugar in my diet was the cause of eczema, extra kilos, breathing problems, phlegm in the mornings, and tiredness.
Acupuncture, herbs, and a medicinal diet made it easy to shift to things that are good for me.
Knowing the difference between real nourishment and sugar cravings helped me get in touch with my deeper needs and prioritize the people and activities that are nourishing to me.

Gea de Honing, Amsterdam

I had hot flashes, due to menopause.
Katerina found out that I had a residue of heat in my body because of a radiation treatment I had 10 years ago! Treating that brought a lot of improvement in my sleep and emotions.
That's why you need to tell everything to your acupuncturist!

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