Katerina Panagiotopoulou



• 1981-1984: Licentiate in 5 element Acupuncture.                                                                                 College of Traditional  Acupuncture, Leamington, UK. https://worsleyinstitute.com

• 1984-1987 Acupuncture diagnostic skills https://www.acupuncturecollege.org.uk/

• 1987-1988: Anatomy, physiology, and massage. International Therapy•

1989: Practitioner of Neurolinguistic programming NLP.UK
• 1995: Master of Neurolinguistic programming. http://www.ppdlearning.co.uk/

• 1993-1995: Postgraduate Certificate of TCM classical acupuncture                                •Clinical skills of integrated Five Element and Yin Yang theories of  T.C.M.            https://www.acupuncturecollege.org.uk/

• 1993-1998: Feng Shui consultant. Feng Shui Network International, UK.

• 1995: Acupuncture for the treatment of addiction. (NADA), Brixton.

• 2002- 2003: HBO Basic Medical knowledge, HvNA, Nijmegen.
• 2015-2016: HBO Basic Medical knowledge,  CPION diploma•

• 2003 to 2006: Herbalist in TCM. Shenzhou Open University of TCM, Amsterdam.
• 2007: Chinese medical diet. Shenzhou Open University of TCM, Amsterdam.

• 2012-2013: Spirit acupuncture, Yair Maimon. Acupuncture for psychiatric disorders.

• 2018-2020: Advanced acupuncture studies: Joseph Muller

• 2020-2024: Collective trauma healing.Thomas Hubl: https://spiritualhealingjourneycourse.com/

• 2023-2024: Inner MBA program. Spirituality in business.😊

Meditation practice

I learned meditation from books in my teens, and studied with all teachers when i had the opportunity. I joined Elan Vital with guru Maharagi in London in 1983. From 1984 i studied at the Tibetan center, Rigpa, closely with Lama Lobsang. I am part of the Osho community in Greece since 1989. From 2003 until 2023 i have worked with the Diamond approach with D.H Almaas and Jessica Britt.  From 2020 I practice active spirituality for collective and ancestral trauma healing, with Thomas Hubl. I am lucky to be part of 2 practicing communities in Greece, Nemea and Eressos.

Acupuncture, Reiki, quantum touch and theta healing are a practical form of meditation.

I teach meditation for self healing, which involves QiGong and dance.

Work experience and specializations:

• 1984-1990: Waterloo acupuncture center, London

• 1989-1990: HIV immune deficienc: The London Lighthouse aids hospice.

• 1993-1998: Acupuncture for psychiatric disorders, & addiction.
The stress project, Holloway psychiatric hospital, London

• 1998-2003: Feng Shui teaching and consultancy, Astroon, Athens.

• From 2000 to 2020: Acupuncture and massage practice in Amsterdam
Specializations in the treatment of Burnout and gynecology

• From 1989 Member of the Traditional acupuncture society
• From 1996 member of the British Acupuncture Council
• From 2003 member of ZHONG. NVCG: Netherlands Association of Chinese medicine                                    • From 2022 member of the Norwegian acupuncture council

Languages: Greek, English, Dutch

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Katerina Panagiotopoulou                  Born in Thessaloniki, Greece (1959).

With 5 planets in Virgo, I love to learn. Virgin nature is the teacher and the healer.                      So the trees and the sea were my first teachers. I loved to sit on the 2 huge fig trees in our garden and be tree. I was invisible. Or melt into the waves of the sea where they crash.                 I was in the unified field, a kind of aloneness merged into nature .  I feel blessed with this freedom, that i was left alone to explore and develop my body and intuition. School was the opposite. I was absent and uninterested, but i learned how to draw and doodle and pass exams.  My parents left me alone, in the good and bad sense. They transmitted their love for nature and the freedom of mind.   If I had not been an exchange student in America, I don't know if I would have the language and the need to be a global citisen. I am grateful for so many twists of fate, what I see as divine intervention.

Thessaloniki, my home town was a crossing port and station on the journey to the East. As soon as I could I joined the magic bus to India.I had a calling to discover the earth before uniforms.                      In those 6 months of travel, I saw human beings in harmony with nature. Coming back to Thessaloniki, I  immersed myself in the earth spiritual traditions,. I kept a direct connection with the universe, the nature I knew as a child. I found the I Ching, the Taoist book of changes.  I was reading it from beginning to end. The I Ching shows us the holographic nature of life, the interconnections of all there is. Relationships between polarities, universal unity and perfection, the language of symbols. There was another Taoist classic available in the city bookshop: The Secret of the Golden Flower. With that, I started to meditate.                                                                 The Bardo Todol: the Tibetan book of the Passage of Death, the books of Carlos Castaneda teaching the tradition of the Yaqui Indians. I was in a culture of travell, artistic expression, I traveled around Europe and took the opportunity my parents were offering me, to go wherever I liked, and study whatever I liked. They had fought hard to win the freedom they gave me.

I chose England because I knew the language and loved the music and the culture. Colonialism was not a formed concept in my mind at that time. It was never atheme in my 20 years of life in London, or later in Holland.                                    

 I was studying art for a year until I was summoned by acupuncture in 1981.                                                  My teacher J.R Worsley had traveled to the Orient, studied Taoist teachers, and got back to England to begin the Leamington College of 5 Element Acupuncture.  His words: “You have to love your patients.”             He was teaching us that love that is based on curiosity and not knowing. To develop our senses, touch people. Seeing the color, hearing the sound, smelling, sensing the dominant emotion, feeling the pulse. 

John and Angela Hicks were my clinical teachers in the 5 element school. They led the integration of 5 elements with TCM that became the Reading College https://citcm.com/.   I was lucky to study with them for many years, starting with diagnostic skills courses in 1984 and completing the TCM theory and clinical skills course in 1995. NLP, KI aikido, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Feng Shui were waves coming in the shore of integration. it was raining self development skills: Cutivating strength, rapport building, reframing, planning, using language consciously. World-class teachers were in London. I studied ki aikido with David Currey and Qi Gong with R. Tindell, Feng Shui with William Spear. I studied Shen Dao acupressure and massage and started using my hands more. I was working at the Waterloo acupuncture center (1984-1990)  With more than twenty 5 element practitioners from different countries, it was bubbling with inspiration and discovery. I still miss it.

I studied  Geomancy at Feng Shui Network International from 1993-98. I was teaching Feng Shui in Astroon in Athens. That led me back to my until then obscured Hellenic lineage. The ancient Asclepeia were the geomantic centers of Hellas. I studied Hellenic geomancy with 2 wonderful teachers, Altani and Pitsouli. My relationship with the sacred sites of Hellas became stronger, and I ended up making my summer residence in such an ancient healing place. I worked with acupuncture in Eftalou yoga, in Lesvos for a few years. I found my dialogue with mother earth in the Springs of Eftalou. That is where i received the vision of free earth, of giving the planet back to her universal home, back to the solar system. Living with the seasons started happening to me then. A way of being in the movement of natural spirit, true nature. I ended up making my summer residence in another sacred ancient place in Eressos, Lesvos.

At that time i was living in Holland (2000 to 2020) I studied Chinese herbs and medical diet with Yifan Yang, at Zheng Shu University in Amsterdam (2003-2006).  I studied Western medicine  in 2003 and in 2015. That inspired me to study functional medicine and integrate the holistic approach in all systems of medicine. I found a wonderful teacher,  Yair Maimon, who does exactly that. He is an oncologist in a hospital in Tel Aviv, combining Chemotherapy with acupuncture and herbs. He teaches Spirit acupuncture. Trauma healing is at the heart of spirit acupuncture. The diagnosis is a powerful treatment: human, not Chinese or Western. Holistic diagnosis is seeing the patient’s soul, qualities, and journey. 

From 2003 til 2023 I studied with the Diamond approach with AH. Almaas. Practicing presence, meditation, inquiry: the art of not knowing. That stays my orientation in life and leads me to join the collective healing movement.  Since 2020 I have been studying with Thomas Hubl in spiritual healing and collective trauma healing.  As the collective eye opens, and the earth re-members herself, our medicine needs to be collective to address collective issues like climate, war, or pandemics. Gabor Mate is addressing collective trauma in his book: the myth of Normality. How to wake up from the trans of repeating patterns so we can take our place in a reviving planet. I am so happy to join this event, and looking forward to working with you!