Meditations for self healing

Every season affects our outer and inner world in profound ways, activating processes that touch every individual differently. Becoming aware of these processes and their emotional-mental-spiritual dimensions is an ongoing healing journey where health, life, and human development meet. Spring is freeing the flow of life, removing pain and stagnation, and promoting growth and development. Transforming […]

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Collective healing sessions

The need for healing through the collective field. I invite 5 to 12 therapists to investigate collective trauma therapy in 7 two-hour online meetings.                                   The apprenticeship is free and based on questions and answers.                                                                                                                    The lessons will be recorded and made available as video recordings and written notes. When personal trauma therapy work

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Why holistic?

5 element acupuncture is a very holistic approach to body-mind health. It focuses on physiology, and how things work, and not on diseases. The goal of treatment is to solve the deeper cause of a problem. Any kind of medicine can be applied holistically. In the last decades, we have enjoyed holistic Western medicine like

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