How to treat yourself holistically

Holistic diagnoses

Collective problems need to be healed collectively As global events are rapiudly advancing so does medicine come to have a new meaning and a new function. At this time of global crisis on all levels health means responce ability, the ability to respond to the challenges and take part in global healing. Earth is a miracle and of creative power, generating endless biodiversity, beauty, harmony, kindness. Healing the earth begins with healing our gut, mind, relationships and environment. Our life. Finding true nourishment by living in the spiritual dimension of life. Find real food, true information, real friends and nourishing relationships. Our relationship to the collective begins by recognising our unique place in the tapestry of life. Each one of us van do or be someone that nobody else can. Like cells in the body of conciousness and essence, we all are happy when we fulfil our unique mission.

You cannot study a zebra in a zoo. You need to study a zebra in the savanna. In the same way you need to study human behaviour on a healthy planet. Our current lack of cuvilisation is only 5 minutes out of the hour of humanity.
Gabor Mate: The myth of normality

We need to address the totality of our lives. A lot of us try to heal ourselves by dieting, or exercising, while the root of suffering is relationships or stress. Problems like sugar addiction or lack of relaxed movement are often not recognized and seen as the norm in our culture. We are waking up out of the trans of nations against each other, war, and inequality. Similarly, we are waking up out of Eastern and Western medicine, or orthodox and alternative into universal medicine. Any medical or healing tradition can be applied holistically when it includes the responsibility and readiness of the person.

Welcome to holistic acupuncture

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